If you are unable to donate at present you may wish to consider remembering our St. Joseph’s Young Priests Society in your Will.

Legacies and bequests make a very important contribution to meeting the overall funding requirements of our Society year on year, alongside member’s contributions and outside donations, and can make a big difference to our ability to provide financial support to seminarians.

The income that will come from a decision to include our Society in your Will, even as a residual beneficiary, could be hugely important in enabling us to carry out our mission in the future.

All of our benefactors are continually remembered in the prayers of our members and Holy Mass is offered a number of times each day for all our benefactors living and deceased.

If you should decide to remember our Society in your Will you may wish to inform us of your decision and you will immediately be included in our list of benefactors.

It is of course prudent to consult with your solicitor for advice and help when making your Will.